Ottoogi-Clarity Global Investments

The team at OCGI employs equity based strategies focusing (although not exclusively) on commodities and certain niche technologies.

The team operates primarily in the following investment areas:

  • Financial Instruments / Distressed Securities
  • Private Equity
  • Commodities
  • Medical Technology
  • Accounting Technology

Wealth Management

Ottoogi Family Office

Wealth Management

Investing in select industries and commodities to achieve outsized gains over the long-term while maintaining a portfolio of steady and stable income generating investments; Taking calculated risks while protecting wealth.

The OFO team uses both Artificial Intelligence investing technology as well as “human experiences and insight” to analyze global investment opportunities and risk.

Accounting & Business Technology

Clarity Accounting Technology

Accounting Service and IT Consulting

Provide IT consulting specializing in accounting (e.g. SAP, analytics) and provide contract/temporary senior level staffing (e.g. CFO, Controller) to accounting departments.

Medical Technology

Unified Medical Diagnostics

Early Warning Diagnostics System

Develop an early warning system using wearable device and Artificial Intelligence technology to detect for the onset of stroke.